Exploding Socks in the Microwave

At the best times, I have problems with the microwave. I’ve exploded everything and anything in the microwave: a glass bowl, a whole chicken, multiple eggs, oatmeal, pasta sauce…Now, I can add socks to the list!

Socks before the dyeing process

A few months ago, I had ordered some plain white wool to dye before I knit with it. I haven’t ever dyed before so I thought before I attempt with wool, I’ll use my socks. Also, because I was going to be using food colouring, this would show how well the different colours get absorbed by the fibres.


Socks were placed into a small glass before microwaving



Using the microwave sounded like an easier option than the stove. What I forgot was that by stuffing a sock in a tiny glass will cause a heat pocket to form and will force the glass to fly upwards… which is exactly what happened.


The socks were heated in the coloured water a few times

Never the less the socks did get dyed and surprisingly, didn’t break any glassware. However, I did receive suggestions to invest in an old microwave to use in the garden.

*Unfortunately, I did not manage to get clear photos of the orange, green and purple sock so here’s the pink one!


A Pink Sock!

A Pink Sock!


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