Art: Zentangled Rose


So it’s not a rose in the traditional sense but it reminds me of a rose.


Photography: Flowers


Knitting: Twisted Madness


A year ago, I joined a speed-sock-knitting competition (Sock Madness 11) but never actually posted any pictures of it! This sock was the qualifying round and I barely managed to make it into the cheerleaders team. A year later and I still haven’t made the second sock…

Sock pattern: Twisted Madness by Gina Meyer (Ravelry)

Yarn: Opal Sweet & Spicy: Fruchtnougat

Photography: Somewhere on the road in Niedersachsen


The photo was taken from a moving car hence the slight blurriness.

Alien Series: Running through the Rain


In the process of revamping this blog, so expect a lot of photos of projects created in the last year!

For now, a drawing of TheAlien running through the rain after all that constant rain yesterday!