Baking: A Sparkling Cake

Work was celebrating Melbourne Cup Day yesterday and as part of the celebrations, we all bought in a plate to share. I baked a cake Monday night and since I didn’t have enough chocolate at home, I decorated it Tuesday morning at work in hopes that it would set by lunch time! Apologies for the bad photos – they were done on my phone.


Jewels from the Sea


The necklace was created over the weekend but it took me a while until I had photos I was satisfied with! The colours remind me of the sea, hence the name!

Small silver beads were placed between the pearls to give it a little more bling!

Green and Silver!

Finally, it’s here! My first proper post after setting up this blog more than a month ago!

My first project to be showcased is……

My green and silver bracelet!

I created this armband yesterday to match my green and white blouse after I realised I had a lack of green accessories! The armband is made from silver-plated German wire, spacer and aventurine beads. There is no fastening meaning that the armband should fit any wrist size!