Spinning: Tour De Fleece 2018 has started!










It still looks a bit like art yarn at the moment, which is how all my spinning ends up looking. Though hopefully with the amount of practice I’ll be getting from Tour de Fleece, my spinning will even out a bit. Lots of pinks at the moment using merino fleece from New Zealand!


Spinning: Practice












Getting ready for Tour de Fleece!

Knitting: Glittery Yarn!













Sock yarn: Zwerger Opal Funny mit Silbereffekt

Sock pattern:  Socks by Heidi Lenore on Ravelry for Sock Madness 12 (2018)

Spinning: It’s a start




My one of earliest attempts at spinning from last year. To be honest, I haven’t had much practice nor have I really done much so far so I’m looking forward to Tour De Fleece through Ravelry to practice my spinning!

Exploding Socks in the Microwave

At the best times, I have problems with the microwave. I’ve exploded everything and anything in the microwave: a glass bowl, a whole chicken, multiple eggs, oatmeal, pasta sauce…Now, I can add socks to the list!

Socks before the dyeing process

A few months ago, I had ordered some plain white wool to dye before I knit with it. I haven’t ever dyed before so I thought before I attempt with wool, I’ll use my socks. Also, because I was going to be using food colouring, this would show how well the different colours get absorbed by the fibres.


Socks were placed into a small glass before microwaving



Using the microwave sounded like an easier option than the stove. What I forgot was that by stuffing a sock in a tiny glass will cause a heat pocket to form and will force the glass to fly upwards… which is exactly what happened.


The socks were heated in the coloured water a few times

Never the less the socks did get dyed and surprisingly, didn’t break any glassware. However, I did receive suggestions to invest in an old microwave to use in the garden.

*Unfortunately, I did not manage to get clear photos of the orange, green and purple sock so here’s the pink one!


A Pink Sock!

A Pink Sock!